4 Jan 2010

... and here we are

The debt is not mine but it makes my life to hell...

We can't afford so many things I want that after two years of not wanting to deal with it I agreed to transfer 30% of the overall debt onto my credit card (to get 0% interest rate for 16 months) ...

Last time I had debt I was in my mid twenties and it was just a couple of thousand Euros - and I still remember that horrible feeling! I didn't want to open my mail, refused to even look at my bank statements - I hated every moment of it!

Even though this time around that money on the credit card is not mine it feels as bad as it did 10 years ago ... I HATE IT!

The only way for me to get over the feeling of powerlessness is to take much more control over all our finances, our accounts, husband's credit cards and his personal account (which is in an overdraft mode for the last couple of years and needs sorting out asap) ...
I feel I need to know so much more about all this personal finance and debt advise staff. My googling circles around "budget" as this is the only thing I can think of being helpful.

I try to establish how much we can overpay in order to pay off everything as quickly as possible (three years).

My quick look at our finances three weeks ago suggested we could overpay 400 quid each month - very exciting! I ordered a credit card only to find out in the weeks to come that if we are lucky we could afford to pay 200 on top of what we are already paying but only is we start to living on a very tight budget for well... three years

I NEVER was able to live on a budget for more than a month!

This time though I am excited about the possibility to bring more control into my life, and oddly enough it feels like a step to freedom rather than a constrain I have to surrender myself to.
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