20 Jan 2010

Feel Down Because You are in Debt? - Here, Get Some Forbidden Joy

Our parents taught us not to enjoy other people's suffering as it is unkind and something one just "doesn't do" … I agree, but boy is it mood enhancing!

I truly thought our finances were a mess, and we are one of the worst organised and "in control" couples! I felt really bad, depressed and stupid quite a lot recently…

But here is an easy remedy at hand - READ personal finance forums, especially those where people share their debt stories and asking for advice

How on earth can someone earning just over twelve hundred a month with £600 a month in debt repayment and interest only mortgage from which they already had to take a year payment holiday, consider taking out another card to pay for their Christmas presents????

And have you seen those with fifty-sixty thousand pounds debt on elevn-therteen hundred a month with two cars, two children, an expensive TV cable package, £100 a month saved towards holidays (well done for saving!) and 200 a month spending on clothes??!!

These are the moments where I feel soooo much better! Gosh, and I thought we are hopeless, overbowrrowed, out of control failures - nope, there is a long way down to go!

I do feel bad (aka guilty) for pointing my finger at those poor individuals, who (my respect!) gathered their last will power and posted their stories asking for advise - "well done!" to them, really

But… WHY in the first place did they get in SO MUCH trouble?

Whom all those great debt advice charities are for?

Why would people still get payday loans with over 3000% (yep, 3 thousand) interest on them???

There must be something about the "learned helplessness" of poor that forces people to make bad decisions and I am truly glad that UK government is now considering basic financial education in schools!

And still, I am only human, and it makes me feel SO much better that there are so many people way worth of than us!
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