19 Jan 2010

How to Find Out If You Can Afford Your Job

I've been inspired by the power of financial visualisation.

So, below is a pretty picture of how many days in a month me and my husband need to work to pay for our living. The most depressing part of the picture below is that it takes us 9 working days each month to earn enough to be able to ... well, go to work!

Would you dare to paint your "pretty picture"? It's simple:
  • Take your monthly income - multiply by 12 and divide by 251 (number of working days) = now you have your daily earnings
  • Now Take the first expenditure you want to chart and dived it by the daily earnings amount = now you got the number of days per month you need to work to pay for it - SIMPLE!
  • Example: You earn 1000 a month  (1000*12)/251 = 47.8 If you need to pay 50 quid for your travel card you need to work 1 day to be able to afford it 

If you want, send me your chart and I publish it here so that we can compare and contrast
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