13 Jan 2010

My Spending Habits

I've mentioned recently that when I paid my debt off I was desperate never to be in debt again.

But ... I am, not as an individual, as a family we have £40.000 personal debt and a mortgage .

It is a relief to know that I have managed to stay debt free for over two years and that the debt we carry around is not really mine. But
- having any kind of debt still feels daunting, frustrating and demotivating!

A couple of months ago I've decided that we need to take more control over our finances and pay our debt quicker. I can't wait for another five years, I really want to pay it off!

Over the years I came to realise that my biggest personal challenge is keeping to spending goals.
 Every single time I tell myself:  "You can't buy that!" I feel like a complete failure, as if my whole live is a disaster and the fact that I can't buy a Latte proves it.

Seriously! In front of the Starbucks counter my life is defined through that damn Latte...

My very personal challenge is to stop buying Lattes and feel good about it - it sounds pathetic but for me this is a very difficult task, as difficult as may be quitting smoking for others.

For me - staying on a budget for more than a couple of weeks is all about my mind, the psychology of spending, and a feeling of total control that I need.

In my case - money is all about emotions

This blog is my life line, research for my daily posts keeps me focused on my personal goal; looking for useful tips and tricks helps me bring my own impulsive spending into perspective, it really helps me cope...

And may be it will help someone else as well... I can't be the only one struggling with myself!

Image: Michelle Meiklejohn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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