28 Jan 2010

What Colour Is Your Shopping Trolley

Now, we all might think of ourself as quite smart shoppers, armed with a shopping list, adhering to a set budget, but unfortunately for us our decisions are much more guided by our subconscious rather than rational thinking. There is a whole science behind how products are organised, labels are written and sections are ordered to guide us through the shops. According to the research
most people are likely to respond in similar ways to different colours.
Have you noticed that most fast food restaurants are decorated with vivid reds and oranges? It's no accident that these colours show up so frequently. Studies have shown that reds and oranges encourage diners to eat quickly and leave - and that's exactly what fast food restaurants want you to do.

It's also no accident that you see a lot of reds and blacks on adult web sites. These colors are thought to have sexual connotations.

Ever notice that toys, books and children's web sites usually contain large blocks of bright, primary colors? Young children prefer these colors and respond more positively than they do to to pastels or muted blends.

Market researchers have had a field day identifying the colors and the likely effect they have upon us.

You can see how this colours work on a e-commerce site. Let's have a look at Amazon. It uses a lot of blue to be perceived trustworthy  and uses orange (which is known to be perceived enthusiastic and cheerful) to call us to action

The research goes further. It is believed that different colours affect our shopping habits. Different shoppers may respond differently to various colors

And if you are considering re-decorating your house and want to use the science of colour to your advantage, take this little quiz that helps you identify colour scheme to go together with your personality

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