4 Feb 2010

5 Tricks to Convince a Tightwad to Buy

So, you think you have it under control?
You can’t be lured into spending more than you want? Think again!

Here are some marketing tricks aimed to overcome the defence of a conscious buyer… By the way, making lists prior shopping won’t really help you either!

As I mentioned earlier when we spend money an area in our brain gets activated that is also responsible for processing physical pain signals. To reduce this feeling of pain clever retailers...

1. Make prices look like bargains.
120 quid for a year sounds too much? How about 10 a month or even better 33p a day for a membership?
2. Make buying easier.
Instead of charging us per carton or per plate savvy shoppers are offered “all you can eat” buffet and “unlimited download” offers
3. Make buying even easier.
You want a new broadband? How about we give you a land line and TV for just 20% more? Bundle offers seek to minimise the pain of paying for three different products by offering us a pack of three products that we need to pay for only once
4. Appeal to our needs.
Retail has found us out – we are more interested in the utilitarian features (aka what purpose can we use it for) rather than with hedonic once (pleasure). So if they want buyers to fork out for a product expect a list of practical benefits to be prominently displayed
5. Use the right language.
Research has shown that saying “a small 5 buck fee” increases the sales by 20% compared to “a 5 buck fee” statement. The reminder that 5 buck is just a really small fee convinces us to accept the fact and pay for it.

Even though we can’t escape the retailers’ marketing tricks it’s nice they’ve been thinking about us!
I wonder, if you ever felt compelled to buy stuff because it “made sense”? And – did it really “made sense” or was it a marketing trick?

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