19 Feb 2010

Finances and Economy in Pictures

This Friday it's all about InfoGraphics. It's amazing how the good ones are able to convey a lot of information in a single picture!

Click on the graphic for larger sizer and better resolution image.

Economy and Unemployment

The Geography of Recession

It's pretty spooky but fascinating at the same time

The Visual Guide to The Financial Crisis

How Your Degree Effects Your Unemployment






Lifestyle and Savings

How economic situation has affected interstate migration

Golden Nest Egg
Take a look at how much you can save over your career if you put your raises into savings each year.










Consumer Fraud in The USA

Calories per Dollar

For those who watch what they eat and what they spend, here’s an interesting infographic that shows the calories per dollar (CPD) of some of our favorite fast food items.

Men + Women = Love

Men vs. Women - a Financial Divide?

Statistics show that men and women handle money differently.

Something for the Valentine's

is so much more than the chance to let someone know how much you love them. It’s also an entire industry that supports businesses with hundreds of thousands of employees.

A True Cost of an avarage Wedding.
Ever wondered how much money is spent on the flower girl’s flowers or how much the wedding industry makes on photography?


International Affairs

U.S. vs The Rest of The World
Take a look at how the U.S. stacks up against many other countries in a variety of different debt-related categories, as well as how the debt was accumulated in the first place.

Credit Crunch in UK: an average day

Is the World getting better or worse?
Results may surprise you, have a look!

Who is Buying What?

A look at where people around the world are directing some of their purchasing power.

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Ryan @ Planting Dollars said...

I could spend hours on this page... I went through the first graphic and then was like... WHOA!!! tons more!

It's interesting though in the first graphic to see how special interests, particularly the NAR are always optimistic...

Anastasia said...

I am so pleased! It was quite a hard work to put it all together and than I thought I might have overloaded my readers and this post would rather be off-putting - glad it's not the case!

myfinancialobjectives said...

lol Ryan, I did the exact same thing, I just spent like ten min on this page, and could have spent another twenty. I did not look at how small the sidebar was when I first got here.

These are great graphics with excellent information, nice post! :)

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