15 Jan 2010

New Business Idea for a Stay-at-Home Mum

I have been recently writing about Martin Lindstrom and his research in neuromarketing.
In his interview to Parade Magazine he has outlined best ways to keep us away from temptations while shopping.

Some of his suggestions are obviouse, but others were quite unusual

  1. Leave kids at home - shoppers with children usually end up buying 40% more staff than people shopping alone. Not surprising really, if you think of all that screaming, bagging and tantrums in front of the sweets' shelfs

  2. Beware of fake bargains - think about following scenario: one day you pass by a packet of spaghetti for £1.20, a week later the same spaghetti are sold for "2 for £2.40" unless you know the brands you buy and remember all the prices you won't be able to spot the trick. Just remember that we all have a build in hoarder instinct that retailers are applying to!

  3. Avoid large shopping trolleys, use baskets where ever possible. People buy 30% when shopping with large shopping trolleys!

  4. Don't sniff! Smell can influence what you want to buy. You will get hungry and start picking food you don't really were intending to buy. This is the second part of such a well-known advise not to shop food when hungry. The smell of doughnuts will make you want to buy more.

    Now you know why Tesco stores have a doughnuts bakery near the entrance!
  5. Don't use credit cards - cash and debit cards are ok... Credit cards are all about pleasure now and delayed punishment (as in "paying for purchases") later. Shopping with a credit card makes us feel as if we had unlimited funds

You know what  the best option would be?

Make a list, get some cash, ask your friend to shop for you, they won't be tempted to spend more than you gave them!

Isn't it a great business idea for stay-at-home mums!? You could become a personal budget buddy shopper type thing...?

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