15 Jan 2010

It's Friday, Amen!

Something very interesting happened this morning. You know how obsessed I am with changing my "spending on coffee" habit!

I think today I have unintentionally experienced the impact of what they call "setting small achievable goals"!

I was on my way to work and, as usual, stopped in front of the Costa coffee counter for my morning Latte.
But I didn't buy it, as for some reason I thought
"the train will be packed now, drinking coffee and trying to read on my iPhone will be a night mare… I'll wait until I am in London and buy my latte there".
So I got on the train feeling a bit odd (so much I'm used to holding a cup in my hand!)
In London I queued for my promised coffee and while queuing I decided that I also wanted a muffin.

"We have really nice muffins at work, and the coffee there is actually quite nice too… I think I will get them there!"
I felt really happy thinking about the nice, freshly baked muffin I would have in 20 minutes - (I know, I am sad!)

So, got in the office, bought muffin and coffee and admitted to myself that I found the journey without coffee in my hand kind of more comfortable.

I haven't told my self
"never ever will I buy coffee"
 I haven't said anything like
"today I won't have a coffee, may be tomorrow"
 my Latte was never further away than 20 minutes and a queue..

I didn't feel guilty, I didn't feel stressed, I enjoyed my commute…. And it was not about saving money! Yes, I only spent £1.50 instead of £4.60 but God knows it wasn't about money.

It was about making change feel comfortable, manageable and … kind!

image by emdot
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